001 Listen In: Dark Fears You Aren’t Properly Afraid Of

by | November 5, 2016

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If the sky was falling would you want to know?

On this brand new show, Jason Cass and Joey Giangola casually discuss the head in the sand mentality you might be taking with the disruptors gunning for our jobs.

Jason feels that winning in social and digital will be what keeps the best agents in business over the next five to 10 years.

Joey on the other hand fears that if the ultimate “digitalizzation” of the insurance agent is successfully achieved that there is very little we can do to win.

If you’ve always been wondering what Jason and Joey really think about high level, big topics in the industry this is your chance to listen in on where they think everything is going.

Listen to Listen In with Jason Cass and Joey Giangola below… 

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