If your agency is falling behind it could be because you’re missing one of these pieces of technology.

Not only is it important to have all six of these items, but they also have to functioning at a high level.

To do that your agency has to be disciplined in the processes and procedures you have in-place to make that happen.

That’s what Jason talks about today as he lays out why GROWLab 2017 is only allowing the best company for each to sponsor the event.

Listen to Agents Influence with Jason below…


  1. Kelly Donahue

    Jason excellent job on this pod cast. I agree 100% on everything you stated. Especially the need to focus on accurate and consistently good data. This is worth a listen for everyone. We all need to review our management systems and who is really serving the independent agent channel.

    • Jason Cass

      Kelly…thanks a ton for listening. You are awesome as well and thanks for what you do as well.

      Agents need to know these things and being so busy in their office their time is little. I hope this helps all agents learn and know what is out there.


    Thank you for this! Great information and great group to be a member of! I’m all about connecting with people who “get it”! THANK YOU for what you do!

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