$80,000 Worth of Adversity Created His Opportunity (You’re Probably Taking For Granted)

by | October 19, 2016

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Sometimes a little perspective goes along way to reminding you how lucky you are and erase the fake excuses holding you back.

Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes, but finding something this satisfying in the insurance industry doesn’t happen everyday.

Today Jason talks with Rene Hernandez, an agent for CPC Insurance, about how he overcame his early struggles to find success in the industry we all call home.

The road he had to travel will sound very foreign to most of us, however if it wasn’t for an amazingly generous offer from his agency principle, things might not have had a happy ending.

This conversation will make any excuse you make about your current progress seem silly and provide plenty of motivation.

Listen to Agents Influence with Jason Cass above…

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