We are honored to have Dave Frees on our podcast to teach us some things about enhanced communications. If you haven’t heard him speak, just take a look at his bio below to understand that depth of his impact. In this podcast we get a teaser on some very powerful approaches in communicating, persuading and influencing:

1.) Tactics for great negotiating

2.) Get over the curse of insurance agent knowledge

3.) Enhance skills that you already have

After the podcast do these steps:

1.) Reflect on what you learned here.

2.) Decide on what to do now? (Learning isn’t complete until something happens or changes.)


Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, Jocko Willink
The Language of Parenting, David M. Frees

Dave Frees Bio:

Steve Forbes, the Editor-In-Chief of Forbes Media has called him a “Grand Master” of communications skills and Elite Books has called him “One of the fifty most influential business thinkers today.”

Dave Frees is an attorney, author, entrepreneur and speaker who has lived a fascinating life that took him across the globe and exposed him to master communicators, persuaders, and negotiators in hundreds of nations and across many cultures.

He is a master of teaching enhanced communication and how to go from being persuasive to being truly influential.

He has been called to teach leadership, sales and marketing, interrogation, and negotiation to audiences ranging from computer hackers turned “good guys” to entrepreneurs, military and civilian audiences including, CEOs, students, administrators and/or faculty of colleges and universities including Harvard, Yale, The University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, ASU and many more. He has also spoken to Travelers, Aramark, GE, AstraZeneca, Comcast, and hundreds of corporations and professional associations.

He has appeared on NPR, PBS, Fox News, MindTV and on over 120 radio and television programs and has authored several books related to persuasion, influence and business and co-authored Einstein’s Business with M. Scott Peck, Steven Covey, and many other voices of the success and personal development movement.

Ways to contact Dave:

Dave’s website:

Dave’s got a live event in the fall – information can be found at – you may eventually discuss as you go though the interview.

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