In today’s episode of Agents Influence, host Jason Cass interviews Anson Thompson, ‘Insurance Ninja,’ Co-Owner of The Thompson Group and Author/Owner at The Loft Publishing Company. Anson Thompson discusses how he came to being an insurance agency owner, the importance of talking to strangers, his three-step process for meeting clients, educating customers, and the proper way to communicate with business owners. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Jason Cass talks about AI Brainshare that is taking place October 25-27th 2020 in Puerto Rico. 
  • Is Anson Thompson an iPhone or Android users?
  • Does he love to win or hate to lose? 
  • What has brought Anson where he is today, skill or luck?  
  • What does Anson Thompson’s agency focus on?  
  • What is Anson’s background and how did he get his start in insurance?  
  • Anson started his agency ownership career at age 25. 
  • What is the three-step process that he uses when he meets with a client? 
  • Each deal is different and they take time. 
  • Where does he get his inspiration for what he writes?  
  • If you want to connect with an owner of a business, find something interesting to talk to them about on a personal level.
  • Alcohol is something we have to be careful with. 
  • What books does Anson Thompson recommend?  
  • The order of importance of the roles that Anson plays in life are: father, lover, writer, trainer, and insurance ninja.    

3 Key Points:

  1. Anson Thompson believes that in order to be successful in insurance, you need to pick a niche area and focus on that.   
  2. If you are giving advice, it isn’t real if you aren’t apply that advice yourself. 
  3. Customers  

Key Quotes:

  • “Our firm is basically 70% business insurance, or B2B, 15% benefits, and 15% home and auto. I only do B2B. I only do commercial insurance. I have not written a home and auto policy for probably 15 years.” – Anson Thompson
  • “My commitment to the insurance industry is that I will never sell the Thompson group. I will always have a piece of it because I look at Thompson Group as my laboratory.” – Anson Thompson
  • “What the hell are you doing in the office? There are no clients there. Every minute that you sit in the office you are wasting your time Get up, get out, and talk to strangers.” – Anson Thompson

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