Back to the Future. Will You Still be There in Five Years?

by | August 18, 2014

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“Where will you be five to ten years from now?” 

Jason Cass is back to discuss the future of the insurance industry and picks the brain of another weird and amazing person, Aaron Wallrich, a fourth generation family agency owner who wants to challenge you to think of what it will take to survive the industry in the next five to ten years.

Aaron Wallrich is the Sales Manager of Wallrich Agency in Shawano, Wisconsin and an active member of industry social circles.  He’s known for creating his agency’s in-house data management system and knows what it’s taken the industry to transform in the last 40 years.

Together with Jason Cass, Aaron Wallrich points out the systems, processes and bag of tricks you might be missing to keep up with the changes in the industry and in how you deliver value.

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