The people who make the calls are the ones who are the most successful, the question is if your making the right one for today?

We all wish there was a line of people around the corner waiting for us every morning when we got to the office. How can you pull people to you instead of always having to go out and find them?

By making the calls. Instead of playing the dial and grind game, the call your making is content. It’s hard to do because the results are almost impossible to see when you get started, but if you dedicated yourself to making that call everyday like you do to acquiring other business, you’ll eventually wake up to that line outside your door.

That’s what Joey talks with Brett Cunningham about and his eagerness to teach and learn how to start pulling people towards him.

Listen to Insurance in Your Words with Joey Giangola above…


  1. Matt Hallisy

    I love this episode! Very positive and encouraging. I actually have a unique take on what you spoke about re: cold calling in this episode. I actually equate it to hitting bottom — kind of like an alcoholic. 🙂 No one likes cold calling because it’s — by definition — the lowest chance of getting business.

    What I teach is how to leverage Authority Marketing to avoid the sales process that no one likes. The prospect doesn’t like it because he has to be on guard of being sold — and the agent doesn’t like it because it’s usually the same route to get to a frequent No. Instead I teach Insurance Agents how to frame the situation so that they create a pattern interrupt and get to design the way the prospect perceives them — and in the end, make it irresistible for them to not approach the agent.

    I’d love the chance to talk to you more about this — and if it would provide value to your listeners, I’d love to be a guest on your show.

    Let me know. In the meantime, have a fantastic day!


  2. Joey Giangola

    Hey Matt,

    Sorry for the delayed response, your comment found it’s way into the spam filter…

    The power of inbound marketing is pretty fun. Would love to talk when you have a chance.

    Thanks again for taking a listen and glad you enjoyed the episode.

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