How Can Insurance Agents Grow Organically? -The Remix with Chuck Blondino

by | August 13, 2015

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The Summer of Marketing would not be The Summer of Marketing without a special remixed edition of our all-time Top Listen with Chuck Blondino, currently the Director of Agency Capabilities and Programs at Safeco Insurance.

Originally released in January, 2014, this podcast answers these questions in Part 1:

  1. What do you see the future small and medium size agency looking like? In the ways of technology and doing business? Will there be just large agencies getting larger?
  2. When do you see the hard market balancing out to flat rate increases?
  3. Agents, particularly new agents and those moving from the captive field are having a hard time getting contracts with companies.  Any ideas on how to fix this?
  4. When companies take rate increases why do they do it all at once rather than slowly and spread out over a couple years?
  5. Is your company pro social marketing and digital media?  What are you doing to help agents use these tools more effectively?

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO PART 2: What Would Chuck Do – The Practical Guide for 2014

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