In today’s episode of Agency Intelligence, host Jason Cass offers a solo discussion, where he gives you access to his curated collection of special insurance industry professionals that you should be learning from, just like he has. Better your agency business by getting familiar with these men and women who span across a wide range of agency needs, from marketing to automation…and beyond.

Show Notes:

  • Jason is giving a keynote speech at Independent Agency Owners Alliance (IAOA) called “The Great Separator”
  • Valentines Day 2019 at 11am central time is Jason’s Facebook Live with Jeff and Una Roy
  • In the month of May, Jason is doing “The Month of the Mother” to recognize mothers in the insurance industry
  • Send your mother’s in insurance stories to
  • Go to for the Cuba Leadership Conference
  • Jason believes that Cubans are among the most humble, generous people and have some of the best family values
  • Jason is part of a group whose mission is to amplify their collective voice on a national level to address data automation and integration of programs to management systems and carriers
  • Nicholas Ayers is about helping insurance agents improve their video marketing
  • Christopher Cook built up his agency from scratch in North Carolina
  • Sydney Roe at and Ryan Hanley who used to work there are recommended by Jason
  • Check out Billy Williams at Inspire Nation
  • Wesley Anderson can help you use Slack and build animations at Agency VA
  • Austin Moorhead does automations for Jason’s agency and Erin Nutting at Integrity Insurance Services is Jason’s current top pick for insurance mothers
  • Kiki Johnson created the Insurance Agent Mobile App
  • Seth Zaremba is a forward thinker who is going to be on a future episode
  • Chris Langille is the founder of Advisor Evolved that handles insurance websites
  • Andrew Muller out of South Carolina is the president and owner of Mappus Insurance Agency
  • Miles Merwin is the founder and president of Advisors Insurance Agency in Greenville, SC
  • You can learn a lot from Zack Gould and Matt Naimoli, the co-founders of G&N Insurance
  • Travis Gensler is leading the charge on automation
  • Jeff Roy is the president and CEO of Excalibur Insurance Group
  • Sarah Nicholas is strong at design and blog writing for Jason’s agency
  • Brent Kelly at the Sitkins Group can help large agencies that are at over $2 million
  • Steve Anderson is ahead of the curve in the digital realm of insurance
  • Chris Paradiso is an insurance marketing speaker who founded Paradiso Insurance
  • Joey Giangola is an insurance professional out of Ohio that is the managing editor at Agency Nation
  • Marcus D. Hayes is the director of operations at Lightspeed Voice and an incredible business developer

3 Key Points:

  1.  Data, people, and process are the three pillars for improvement in your agency.  
  2. The 80/20 Rule is 80% of your efforts should positively benefit your community and 20% of them should assist people outside your country.
  3.  All the advancements that we thought would take the industry under have now stacked up, and transformation is on the horizon.

Key Quotes:

   “The modern customer experience means offering tangible products, like an agency mobile app, e-signatures, self-service, online quoting, and online payments that go through you instead of the insurance company. –Jason Cass.

   “People who do things and don’t expect anything in return, let’s give them their chance to be heard to make them realize, hey, we notice.” – Jason Cass.

   “Miles Merwin, he is coming on our mastermind, on our second meeting in February, and he is going to be talking to us about how he went from zero to $1 million in revenue–in less than five years.” – Jason Cass.

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