Traditional sales training never takes into account the person you’re trying to take the business from. If you can’t successful separate a client from their current broker than you’re not giving them a real opportunity to hire you.

In this episode Jason Cass talks with Randy Schwantz, the best-selling author of several books include The Wedge and How to Get Your Competition Fired and is also the president of The Wedge Group. Randy has spent over seven years building tools to help agents create repeatable and successful sales process that help fire your competition.

During this 42 minute conversation you’ll learn:

  • The difference between proactive and reactive service
  • The importance of a written service timeline
  • How to test your agencies sales culture

If you’ve hit wall in your agency and are looking for a way out, Randy’s detailed obsession with process and kicking the competition the curb will be just what you need.

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