Run Your Insurance Agency as a Business and Communicate to Motivate

by | July 8, 2016

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When we say “run your agency like a business” we’re keeping our end of the advice by providing you with the most valuable resources to build your agency business.

In this podcast, we’re lucky to have Skip Weisman, a former CEO of five different Major League Baseball franchises. This experience gave Skip tremendous insight and skill for building high-performing teams in the workplace and has been sharing this treasure trove of solutions to small businesses nationwide.

If you manage agents or CSRs within your agency, it’s up to you to create the culture of communication that will build a great agency. We all know that communication and behavior in the office can get tricky. Here highlights that every good leader should learn from this podcast:

  • That all problems, successes, issues, roadblocks and resolutions have something to do with communication
  • What you need to change in your communication in order to motivate your staff
  • The 7 deadliest communication sins

Never stop learning how to do things better. This was a great podcast to really drive your agency to the next level. Learn more about www.yourchampionshipcompany.com.

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