Being Consistent and gathering Data, that’s where you start.

by | December 6, 2017

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It’s the two starting points of any customer experience.


In today’s episode of Agents Influence Podcast, host Jason Cass, the owner of The Insurance Alliance, the founder of the Grow Program and the author of the Amazon best-selling book Customer Service is Just Foreplay shares email feedback he has received about becoming a more successful insurance agent. Jason also delves deeper into explaining his Grow Program, designed to help agents transition into a social and digital business.

There is also information shared about the video series called “The Show” by Ryan Hanley

GROWlab event planned for September 2018 and the importance of data collection to improve the customer’s experience.

Show Notes:

●The kindness and generosity of humans exhibited during Christmas time

●Email feedback: Jason reads a message from a young insurance agent from Tennessee

●Discussion of email writer taking ownership of his business

●Ryan Hanley’s video series called the “The Show”

●Grow Lab in Las Vegas or Denver in September 2018

●Advertising and Marketing is not enough in 2018

●Many marketers have never been agents

●What would Jason add if he was rewriting his book

●The customer experience explained offering tangible products and technology solutions in a consistent workflow

●Some agents offer too much variance in their customer service experience

●Make sure that your team members are using the same streamlined process consistently

●Are we using or collecting data? Everything you learn from clients is valuable

●Sometimes we assume a customer is in a hurry because we are confused or anxious and fearful

●Important data for your management system

●Having a box for remarks to remember for future data to service clients

●Checking the information in the rater for questions to ask

●Another email Jason Cass received from a Texas agency owner with 20 years in the industry

●Learning and getting inspired–sharing what you do with podcasts, articles, and videos–importance of showing appreciation.

3 Key Points:

1.Advertising and marketing is not enough in 2018.

2.The importance of consistency in workflow during the customer experience.

3.Remain in the habit of collecting data.

Tweetable Quotes:

-“I love generosity. I love kindness. I love when humans exhibit who they really truly are…because this is who they are.”–Jason Cass

-“2018 is beyond marketing and advertising.”–Jason Cass.

-“You allow other people to kind of break through the wall and get bloody. And in the meantime, you know you get yours.”– Jason Cass.

Resources Mentioned:

Grow Program – the Grow Program by Jason Cass

Marble Box – Outsourced company

The Show – video series by Ryan Hanley

LightspeedVoice.com – business communications service


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