The Conversation You Didn’t Have With Your Employees (That They Hate You For)

by | November 2, 2016

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Assumed expectations aren’t clear to anyone but you.

This week Jason Cass stops to take a break from his Young Agent Series to recap the great action that has already happened with agents Jordan Greer, Erin Nutting, Rene Hernandez and Josh Lipstone.

He also shares some insight on the Young Agents still to come to finish out the series.

Plus, Jason dips into the mailbag and shares a hot topic of conversation that was sparked inside the Mastermind Facebook group around monitoring your employees.

Specifically surrounding how to properly set expectations in your agency so they willfully monitor themselves and you create a workplace environment they look forward to.

This is definitely a mixed bag solo episode where Jason catches you up on a lot of the inner workings of the Agents Influence and GROW community.

Listen to Agents Influence with Jason Cass above…


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