It actually already happened, but companies are afraid to move on without it.

The faster you can be at delivering the information your clients and prospects want puts our industry further from “disruption.”

The challenge is having the courage to step out on to that ledge and see what the new insurance world would look like without it.

Embracing the information we don’t need to ask for is one of the most obvious and effective ways to make up a lot of ground deliver a better customer experience.

That’s what Joey talks with Josh Lipstone of Lipstone Insurance about and how his agency struggles with the monotony of questions we’re unnecessarily required to get answers to.

Listen to Insurance in Your Words with Joey Giangola above..

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  1. Scott

    I really enjoyed this episode. I sure wish I had listened to it before our conversation, it would have been a more productive call. I’m confident that I have the missing component that Google and others aren’t looking at.

    Hopefully we can chat again soon,

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