The death of the insurance designation might have been greatly exaggerated.

In a time where everyone has the ability to demonstrate their expertise on demand, spending time learning about how something is done, instead of just doing it, might seem counterproductive.

However, today Jason Cass welcomes Peter MacDonald, VP of Sales and Marketing for Murry & MacDonald Insurance Services, to debate an idea that extends back a whole twelve months.

It was last year at this time when Jason welcomed fellow Grow Podcast Network host, Joey Giangola on the show to talk about how he thought the designation had become an outdated qualifier of quality.

Peter, a master designation holder, has come to tell you why that isn’t true and how designations are better than ever.

In addition to Peter will tell you about his plan for his agency and the type of people and talent he’s hoping to bring into the business.

Listen to Agents Influence with Jason Cass above…¬†

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