In today’s episode of Agents Influence, Joey Giangola is back for a chat! One year after he moved on from Agency Intelligence to pursue new adventures, Jason Cass checks in with Joey Giangola, now Managing Editor at Agency Nation, and a youtube and podcast insurance sensation with over 10 years in the insurance industry. Joey and Jason talk about what the future of insurance will look like. They dive into topics about the technology of the industry and why relationships are the industry of the future.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction of guest, Joey Giangola.
  • Personal and professional updates of both Jason and Joey
  • Why some youtube videos and podcasts are better than others
  • The insurance industry is moving faster
  • The three models within Insurance: Traditional, hybrid, and fully automated model
  • At the end of the day, the basic business principles don´t change.
  • The mentality switch from “Go get a job” to “Go get a job that makes you happy”
  • The people process includes employees and customers. It is important to focus on your employees
  • There are currently many forms of technology revolutionizing the insurance industry
  • The technology entering the market will pave the path for the future of insurance.
  • The future of insurance may not be a brick and mortar business
  • Insurance will need to be niche focused not in product but in client
  • There is now access to markets to make change happen
  • Data sharing will allow agents to make more relevant claims
  • There will be no quotes or consideration time in the insurance industry in the future
  • The actionable insurance industry of the future
  • It is hard to imagine the industry of the future
  • Insurance may change more often
  • The future of insurance is relationships

3 Key Points:

  1. A new wave of insurance agents and technology buffs are enabling the industry to move more efficiently and faster. Many Youtubers and Podcasters are getting the word out about insurance and the industry of the future.
  2. The future of insurance will comprise an automated insurance model. Right now, many agencies are stuck within the traditional model, but with the influx of new technology, agents need to adapt to stay relevant.
  3. Relationships are the future of insurance. AI will not replace agents but agents without AI will struggle to keep up with the industry.

Key Quotes:

       “The customer is right.” – Jason.
       “The agent today is not going to look like the agent tomorrow.” –Jason.
       “I call it fighting forwards or fighting backwards.” – Joey.
       “Don’t underestimate the jobs that will exist in the future.” – Joey.

Resources Mentioned:

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