In today’s episode of Agency Intelligence, host Jason Cass interviews Olivia Schmitt, Select Business Unit Manager at TRICOR Insurance. Jason and Olivia discuss managing select, smaller premiums. They delve into the importance of leveraging smaller clients and how to use technology to enable rock solid processes.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction of Guest, Olivia Schmitt
  • Luck is a huge proponent of success rather than skill
  • The path to career success is not straight nor based solely on skill
  • How to handle $10,000 premiums and below
  • Why agents should be leveraging select, small accounts
  • Why it is important to not right off smaller businesses
  • How small relationships are a part of TRICOR’s growth plan
  • How leads are generated for these clients
  • Why it is important to leverage an inside sales department
  • Why you should take the guesswork out of the day (80/20) through good processes
  • Why Applied Epic management system is used in insurance agencies
  • Applied Epic is a fully functioning management system
  • Know what you need and then find the technology that will solved your problem
  • Start with your why and determine your technological needs from there
  • Technology give the insurance industry endless opportunities
  • For large companies, you need Epic Management to work
  • When you are a large agency, you need your systems to work. Epic offers a great service.
  • Why Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in insurance
  • Why knowing people’s names or using their nametags is extremely impactful
  • Rationalizing the necessity of Ivans. Perhaps the delivery of information can be done an easier way.
  • Why there needs to be a different system other than Ivans to get the data in the right place
  • How not having an accord standard is stifling the insurance agency’s processes

3 Key Points:

  1.  Smaller, select premiums are important to business growth.
  2.  Technology plays an important role in enabling existing processes.
  3.  Artificial Intelligence is important in insurance in the future.

Key Quotes:

   “Know what you need and then find the technology that will solved your problem” –Jason.
   “Start with your why.” – Olivia.
   “Fostering small relationships should be a part of our growth plan.” –Olivia

Resources Mentioned:

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