It’s not the most practical advice to give but if you can pull it off your business will better off for it.

Most of the time you’re focused on the lowest common denominator when it comes to relationship building with potential referral partners.

Thinking that the more people you know will lead to the most business has funny way of having the exact opposite effect.

It’s hard instead to focus on the quality of the deal the work you preform on it.

That’s what Joey talks with Billy Van Jura, of Stissing Insurance, about today as he shares his opinion on the agents misguided intentions creating meaningful business relationships.

Listen to Insurance in Your Words With Joey Giangola above…

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  1. Billy Van Jura

    RENTERS; Yes, they can lead to easier future homeowner sales. The transaction is more profitable since there is no customer acquisition cost. Also, if they never buy, who cares. Too many agents do not care enough about renters to realize how profitable the whole transaction is. Now, depending on where you live, please also factor in that renters/ing is on the rise and based on available math will continue that way. No longer, I hope, does renting carry the same stigma. Take it a step further, in theory, renters buy. In theory, if you provide value along the way, and have an above transactional relationship, what else can you do? You can shift the flow of homeowners from insurance professional to realtor instead of Realtor to Insurance professional. Who do you think the Realtor will refer more to? Yes, the answer is not just the person that gets deals done it is to the on who gets deals done AND brings them deals. Wait till you see what happens when we can apply some BigData/AI Esque concepts to this.

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