Design, SEO, and Insurance – Getting Premiums on Our Books

by | August 17, 2016

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In a saturated industry, how do you stand out? We all know that the end goal is to get the premiums on our books. So how do you accomplish this goal? Are you buying leads? Are you getting referrals? Are you capturing the power of SEO? Do you have to spend money to make money?

In this episode Jason interviews Chris Langille of Advisor Evolved, who has a special mixture of expertise in design, SEO, and insurance. Together, this mixture can push your agency to the forefront in a saturated industry, but the mixture is very different for different agencies.  These practical suggestions can help you rethink your agency’s leads strategy while getting on the digital map.

Advisor Evolved helps agents with their agency’s identity, visibility, and credibility. This is a great podcast, you won’t want to miss.

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