=What you lack in speed you’ll need to make up for in comfort.

There’s a lot to be said for making something easy and how the importance of that ease effects your agency.

Especially when most of us claim to be referral based businesses that just take care of their customers.

That’s what Joey talks with Tim Curts, of Set A Part Insurance, about and their passion for making it easy for people to say nice things about them.

Listen to Insurance in Your Words with Joey Giangola above….


  1. Frank Di Ilio

    Hi Joey; I love your podcasts!
    I first heard you in Milwaukee, at the Agency Nation event. While I was disappointed in not hearing you speak more at the event, due to the limited format, it gave me a Joey introduction and a lead into your podcasts.
    I look forward to catching up on some of your older podcasts.
    Keep up the great work you do, your a bright young man who is making a real difference in your own Agency and our industry.
    Frank Di Ilio

    • Joey Giangola

      Hey Frank,

      I appreciate the kind words. I agree, my session wasn’t as valuable as I would have hoped. However, I don’t think we got a chance to meet did we? Hopefully we can make that happen next time we cross paths in real life.


  2. Frank Di Ilio

    No I don’t think we formally met at the event. I look forward to chatting the next time our paths cross.


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