Jason Cass and Ryan Hanley got together around Thanksgiving for a special Facebook live event that was so good we turned it into a two-part podcast! 

Previously at Agency Nation before making the move to Bold Penguin, Ryan has become a key voice in insurance and marketing. As we listen to the first part of a two part series, we hear Ryan go through the process of finding his “thing” and what he should do next in his career. Jason and Ryan also talk about marketing and what it takes to be an independent agent.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction of guest, Ryan Hanley.
  • The process of owning your own agency
  • Why most people waste time and money on writing for niches they don’t specialize in
  • It will still be based on humans but ensuring that humans are being used at the right time
  • There is way more money in not working with independent agents
  • How you can make a lot more money doing things other than being a independent agent
  • Why Ryan has a hard time choosing ¨the thing¨ he wants to do
  • The bifurcation of having to do marketing and insurance to be able to keep your agency alive
  • If you start today, you have to deal with the fact that evaluations are going to start to go down

3 Key Points:

1.    Ryan´s videos on Agency Nation have informed a lot of people in the insurance and marketing space. However, the videos, in themselves, weren’t profitable. Ryan talks about finding his next ¨thing.¨

2.     There are many things more profitable than an independent agent.

3.      The process of owning your own agency is an interesting combination of marketing and insurance.

Key Quotes:

–       “I am working towards the place where I am in control of my own destiny.” – Ryan.

–       “If you are working for someone else, it is tough to be fully invested.” –Ryan.

–       “Find passion in what you do not in what you think you should be doing” – Ryan.

Resources Mentioned:

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