Jason Cass and Ryan Hanley got together around Thanksgiving for a special Facebook live event that was so good we turned it into a two-part podcast! 

As we listen to the second part of the series, Ryan and Jason talk about growing a business and being profitable. The two also delve into the workings of digital marketing.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction of guest, Ryan Hanley, Marketer, Agent, and Writer
  • As long as we keep growing, we will eventually be profitable
  • How to grow the agency and be profitable
  • Advice Ryan gives
    • You don´t know shit
    • Stay away from digital marketing
  • We are guilty of selling what we have rather than why we have it
  • The moment you say you are not willing to fail anymore you are done
  • Our culture and the way we interact is changing and how it is affecting business marketing
  • Why we have to consider the effects of Biberk entering the market
  • How you can put a live broadcast into your client’s voicemails
  • Why you need to make decisions based on what the data says
  • Why we need to remember how important this insurance work is

3 Key Points:

1.    Growing and being profitable can be a difficult task to do.

2.     If you grow, you must do it intentionally to be able to be profitable.

3.      Digital marketing is a critical tool. However, before you invest time in it, show that it will work for your own business on a small scale.

Tweetable Quotes:

–       “As long as we keep growing, we will eventually be profitable.” – Jason Cass

–       “I now have time to work on the business rather than in the business.” – Ryan Hanley

–       “You are intentional in reinvesting and spending the money where you want to spend it, but it is calculating.” – Ryan Hanley

–       “You become comfortable doing something by doing it.” – Ryan.

Resources Mentioned:

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