In today´s episode of Agency Intelligence, host Jason Cass interviews Chris Greene, Owner and Insurance Agent at Community First Agency in Covington, Georgia, and President of The Flood Insurance Guru. Chris Greene offers up his expertise on creating his niche in flood insurance, building up his agency expertise, and being able to provide people with valuable industry education

Show Notes:

  • Is Chris Greene a user of Apple products
  • Does Chris love to win or hate to lose
  • Has either talent or luck been the most beneficial to Chris’ career
  • Chris Greene shares how his history brought him into insurance
  • What areas does Chris’ agency service
  • How does Chris Greene find enjoyment in his work
  • Where does Chris Greene see his agency going
  • How has Chris Greene’s career and traveling affecting his family life
  • What does Chris’ agency offer to clients
  • What are the basic things in flood insurance that the average agent may not know
  • How does Chris Greene gain his flood resources
  • What type of relationship has Chris Greene developed with FEMA
  • What else is on the horizon for Chris Greene

3 Key Points:

  1.  In 2019, Chris Greene has committed to 365 flood videos in 365 days and a blog and video on every flood zone change.
  2. Additional living expenses are typically not covered in a flood policy, unless in the private market.
  3.  FEMA publishes the final flood map in the newspaper 90 days before it goes into effect on the 91st day.

Resources Mentioned:

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