Hiring the right people for your agency and nurturing their natural skills

by | July 22, 2016

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When we as agency owners and managers take the time to learn about the natural skills of our staff and new hires, we can create an optimal work culture for our agencies.

Whenever we talk about improving our agencies, we often relate back to the customer experience and neglect the importance of the staff’s role in the customer experience.

In this podcast, we brought on another expert who can help agencies bring about the internal change necessary to keep up with the present-day definition of work satisfaction and fulfillment.

Jason interviews Robin Eichert, who is an expert in management, and leadership focused on nurturing the people who make up the business. She opens up 3 things that can help you drive your agency to become a business that operates efficiently, effectively and happily. Listen to Jason and Robin discuss:

  1. The importance of whole-person assessments when hiring
  2. How interviews can lead you astray in the hiring process
  3. Key differences between CSR and Producer roles

Recommended Books:
Finding Our Way, by Margaret Wheatley
Riding between the Worlds, Linda Kohanov

Join Robin’s Q&A Open Forum on August 3 – 11am ET.


Robin Eichert founded PeopleSense Consulting in 2001; her consulting practice is focused on helping business leaders hire and retain top performers. She has successfully managed teams of all sizes in multiple industries, held leadership positions in corporate and volunteer organizations, and received consistent feedback throughout her management career on her ability to communicate clearly and compassionately, especially in adverse conditions. She has worked with insurance agencies across the country over the last decade to make better hiring decisions for Producer, CSR, and a myriad of other agency roles. She uses a variety of creative approaches, including world-class assessment tools. She is an Authorized Partner for PXT SelectTM, Everything DiSC®, and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive TeamTM.

Robin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Virginia Tech and a Masters of Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix Online; she has certifications from the American Management Association, TQM facilitation, and ISO 9001 programs. In addition to her consulting services, Robin writes a popular blog called Graceful Leadership, based on dog-inspired lessons to help managers in their roles. She also offers a subscription-based video library, called the Learning Resource Center, to help small business owners access the information they need to create and maintain an engaged and loyal workforce.

Robin lives with her husband, Pete, two cats, Oliver and Dodger, and their dog, Grace, in beautiful southern New Hampshire. You can find more about Robin and her services at www.PeopleSenseConsulting.com.

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