In today’s episode of Agent’s Influence, Jason Cass interviews Robb Zbierski, Professional Speaker, Instructor and Coach at Freedom Personal Development. Robb teaches us how we can hack our brains to be more successful. The difference between a business continuing and failing is a mindset. Check out Robb’s book “Master your Mind” to learn more about how you can hack your brain.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction of guest, Robb Zbierski
  • Robb is a coach and professional speaker focused on training people’s brains to be successful
  • How the brain overemphasizes negativity
  • Why our brains don’t understand the difference between activity and productivity
  • How you can hack your own brain
  • Why it is important to understand your brain waves at different times of your day
  • The impact of your thoughts on your subconscious
  • Self-awareness is key
  • The mindset you carry into your day is what is going to keep you in business
  • How do people get coached and what does that look like

3 Key Points:

1.    Being successful is a mindset.

2.    You can hack your mind to be successful.

3.    Shift your perspective and it will shift your day. Self-awareness is key.

Key Quotes:

–       “Mentally available for something amazing to happen me today.” – Robb Zbierski.

–       “Our brains have unhelpful default settings.” –Robb Zbierski.

–       “It is the little things that stack up.” – Robb Zbierski.

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