In today’s episode of Agency Intelligence, host Jason Cass interviews Billy Williams, PhD, President of Williams Family Investment Group & Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring. Billy Williams opens up about his military experience, creating Army College Recruiting, investing vs. running an agency, selling access to your community, the six main ways you become wealthy, and the four types of business partners. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • What is Billy Williams’ educational background? 
  • All Billy Williams ever wanted to do when he was a child was go into the military.
  • Billy sums up his military career. 
  • How did Army College Recruiting begin? 
  • What was his experience like at Allstate? 
  • Was there anyone that helped Billy Williams understand that he would rather invest instead of running an agency? 
  • How do you sell access to your community? 
  • Billy Williams talks about building up his audience and selling to it. 
  • The main four types of referral partners are direct referral partners, branding partners, networking partners, and resource partners.
  • Make more revenue by bringing in people that want your customers. 
  • What are some useful campaign techniques and processes? 
  • The problem with data is when people abuse data. 
  • Nike decided to pull out of Amazon. 
  • Blockbuster Video became Netflix’s showroom. 

3 Key Points:

  1. Billy Williams started Army College Recruiting with a $50,000 budget for the year. But by the time he retired in 2003, it expanded to a $2.7 billion budget. 
  2. Find the right niche. 
  3. The 6 ways you make money are (The 3 ‘I’ 3 ‘C’ B) Invent, Innovate, Invest, Create, Community (build one), and Connect (people) then build a business around them. 

Key Quotes:

  • “Something like 75% or 80% of the kids that start college never finish. But something like 90% of them have debt.” – Billy Williams
  • “One of the things that agents don’t do and it really bothers me, and I’ve talking about this for years. They don’t do conference calls. They don’t do webinars. They don’t do anything that brings a large community together.” – Billy Williams
  • “Momentum leads to more momentum.” – Billy Williams

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