In today’s episode of Agent’s Influence, host Jason Cass interviews Tariq Valente, Head of Business Development at Surfly. Tariq helps businesses connect more profoundly with their clients. Expectations and a shared understanding are two components of a successful customer experience. Jason and Tariq talk about the evolution of customer experience and how insurance is evolving.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction of guest, Tariq Valente.
  • Tariq says his success is built on luck and refined by skill
  • How Surfly enables businesses to work more closely with their customers
  • Why you need to find new ways and mediums to go beyond customers experience
  • It is important to personalize the customer experience and set expectations
  • Why expectations are a key part of the customer experience
  • Customer service needs to move away from prevention and more to a proactive experience
  • How insurance has evolved to what it is today
  • Why customer experience is just foreplay
  • How Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a key role in customer experience
  • Data, smart homes, cars, and doctor’s use AI to make better decisions
  • Why AI can help us make better decisions
  • Common knowledge for one is not necessarily common knowledge for someone else
  • The more we share different stories the more it erodes our trust

3 Key Points:

  1.     Customer experience is an area many company dwell and dabble in on a daily basis.
  2.     To succeed at customer experience, you need to find new ways to exceed customers expectations.
  3.     If you are able to garner a shared understanding with customers, you can garner customer trust and create a successful customer experience.

Key Quotes:

      “Trust is the purest form of currency.” – Tariq Valente
      “Sherfly gives a companies a way to go beyond customers expectations.” –Tariq Valente
      “It is not about the right answer; it is about a shared understanding.” – Tariq Valente
      “Common knowledge for one is not necessarily common knowledge for someone else.” – Tariq Valente

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