Jason’s Wrap Up for 2014, How We Failed, and The New Year of the Roadmap: 2015

by | December 30, 2014

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What else is missing from your marketing and operations repertoire can be summed up in this last podcast of the year.

Jason ties it all in and breaks down what’s been cookin’ in DIMA (Digital Insurance Marketing Academy), what’s behind the scenes in Insurance Mastermind, and everything else that we’ve brought to you, the Grow community.  We’ve covered a range of topics from theory to practical.  We’ve covered Mastermind topics like . . .

  1. What’s digital Darwinism
  2. How we pay producers
  3. How we make LinkedIn work
  4. How to create facebook contests
  5. How do we determine what the right retention scores are
  6. How to negotiate higher commissions with our companies

. . . and with DIMA, we created instructional videos on blogging by amazing blogger Brent Kelly; on how to create email campaigns by Brian Appleton who’s got the hold on the pulse of email marketing; on how to strategically use LinkedIn by Ken French; on how to use Google+, Google+ Hangouts and YouTube by humorous Joey Giangola; and how to rain in the thunder with Jason Cass’s Facebook expert videos . . . but yet . . . we have failed!  Yes, we have failed!

Listen to Jason in this podcast to see how we have failed and what to look forward to in 2015 with The Year of the Roadmap.

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