Jenesis Agency Management Solutions

by | June 4, 2015

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Just when we thought it was over, we realized we’re just in the middle. The Month of Maynagement Systems brought in a lot of listens and demand for additional CEOs of management systems, so here we are extending The Month of Maynagement Systems into June.

There are 10-20 good systems out there with the same core functionalities across the board, but what adds deep value is knowing that the developers speak your language and we can’t understate the importance of the same mantra we have here at Grow: “by agents for agents!”

He’s a programmer, a CEO, and an insurance agent who has been running an agency for 25 years.  If anyone knows how an agency management system should run, it would be Eddie Price, the CEO of Jenesis Agency Management Solutions.

In this podcast, we’re not only getting to know the history of the system, but we’ve also broken down some of its proud features:

  • No contract

  • Offers the system as both a windows-based system and cloud-based system

  • Integrated accounting

  • E-signatures

  • Open API integrations

  • Integrated with Phone Tree -a system that works as an automated marketing system with 4 touch methods

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