Did you know this was a niche?

by | March 23, 2014

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I tackled the topic of “the niche” this month because I believe that soon to survive you must transform your insurance business model. Becoming a niche agent is an essential part of that transformation. Agent/Owners like the guy we have on the podcast today are a shining example of that transformation.

Today on the podcast we have Mr. Greg Batty, Vice President of Ken McEachran Agency, Ltd.

I met Greg back in the early 2000’s at a convention. Late last year he reached out to me to ask me about WAHVE. We started talking about business…just like us insurance folk do…and he started telling me about his agency and this niche they have developed. I was taken back…

This agent/owner…had a love for something that turned into a passion, that then turned into a lucrative-online insurance niche.

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