I know you know his name.

His name is synonymous with success.

He knows the insurance business and has made a ton of money helping insurance professionals make a ton of money.

On June’s 23rd’s Thursday Mastermind Call, we had the pleasure of having Jeremiah Desmarais join us for our GROWMastermind meeting that we had on June 23rd.

It was so good that I asked the team at GROW to take the recording and strip the audio and deliver it as a podcast.  The audio is really good considering the labor involved to make this happen.

In this Podcast you will learn:

1. How as an agent LinkedIn is the best tool to use for business insurance

2. How to use LinkedIn to find your agencies target client (it really is simple)

3. How the Microsoft purchase of LinkedIn is going to effect LinkedIn and you

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  1. Scott

    This cold email strategy is absolute gold. I have used a very similar method for multiple markets and Jeremiah really brings it to a high level.

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