The Little Big Secret Agents Should Know, an Interview with Chip Bacciocco

by | January 21, 2015

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This is podcast #4 in our Big Wig Series with Chip Bacciocco, CEO of Trusted Choice. He was a podcast guest for Grow back in May, 2014 and talked about ProjectCAP, now known as Trusted Choice.

Chip Bacciocco shares some inside scoop surrounding the Wall Street Journal article on Google’s emergence in the insurance space. Suffice to say, despite the rapidly changing competitive landscape in the last 10 years, Chip still believes that the independent insurance agent is by far the best route for purchasing insurance.  But there’s a big “but.” What worked before simply won’t work anymore.

It’s not enough to hand out coffee mugs to new clients. Independent agents must take the steps to become as sophisticated as the companies and the captives.

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