Is Your Agency Making the Tough Call?

by | May 16, 2016

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The problem is that the toughest calls are the ones you don’t even know you should be making.

Transitioning from one generation to the next can be one of the most fundamentally important actions that is left unplanned. Pivoting your agency’s focus can be more of a hope and a dream than a goal. Doing something that’s well worth it might be the most costly thing of all.

There’s no right or wrong in any of those choices, rather they should be exercise in self awareness to help you properly understand your true direction.

Today Joey Talk’s with Troy Thompson of Pinnacle Insurance about some of these struggles and tactics that their agency is currently handling. They all add up to making a tough call on obvious and not so obvious choices standing between you and where you want to be.

Listen to Insurance in Your Words with Joey Giangola Below…

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