Spending too much time focusing on something you can’t properly execute is dangerous.

Not making decisions fast enough and refusing to outsource the skills you can’t execute leaves you especially vulnerable

On the first episode of 2017 Jason talks about where GROW is heading in the new year and how that aligns with the needs of agency owners.

He also touches on who he thinks the new disruptors are in the industry and admires the new tools and experiences that are being created without us.

Listen to Agents Influence with Jason Cass above…


  1. Austin Watts

    I’ve never, and I mean never listened to something that so closely resembled where I’m at in my life.

    I’m 29.
    Just got licensed.
    I work with my Dad, age 65.
    Never been in insurance. Leaving the quick service restaurant business to join him.
    I see everything different from him.
    And it’s going to make us unique.

    Thank you for doing what you do. I’ve been eating your material for breakfast. It was one of the first things I heard this morning. Keep it up man.

    • Jason Cass

      Thanks for the feedback man!

      Appreciate you listening. Doing all I can for us!

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