In today’s episode of Agent’s Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Mark Evans, founder of Standard Sales Co. Evans discusses how he became involved in sales and how a key mentor helped him see his own potential. This conversation also explores the importance of following up and bright opportunities for agents today. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Evans is an iPhone user and loves to win, although he loves the lessons he takes from losing.
  • They discuss apps Evan has downloaded recently and talk about how their preferred speeds for listening to podcasts.
  • Lots of luck helped Evans get to where he is today, including family members and mentors.
  • Cass recounts a trip to Chicago. He describes seeing the skyscrapers and compares their foundations to human relationships.
  • Evans took inspiration from how his parents ran their small printing business. They were examples of people who were happy while pursuing their own dreams. 
  • Both men discuss key moments with their respective mentors who exposed them to professional development tools. 
  • Cass describes his current approach to mentoring a young employee.
  • Cass emphasizes reaching out to people you admire and want to associate with when seeking a mentor.
  • Confidence and enthusiasm are big weapons in sales.
  • The best way to harness confidence is to know your trade. Know your products and know your clients.
  • Your clients will dictate the product.
  • The core service Evans provides is helping CEOs create professional sales teams.
  • It’s very important to follow up with leads and to establish a clear communication cadence.
  • There are many opportunities for people who simply follow up. 
  • The future for insurance agents is bright. 
  • Mainly people fail at sales because they’re not given enough time with the person they are trying to emulate.
  • How can peer groups be leveraged in the insurance industry?
  • Cass warns about some of the pitfalls of free advice sharing online.
  • Training companies will always exist because few people actually implement the information. It’s not about the information, it’s about the execution. 
  • Evans recommend professional development books. 

3 Key Points:

  1.   Finding a good mentor can dramatically affect the trajectory of your career.
  2.   Enthusiasm is a superpower in sales. 
  3.   Always followup with your leads and do so consistently. 

Key Quotes:

  • “Mentors can be the difference between a mediocre career in life and an extraordinary one.” – Mark Evans.
  •  “You will either have to prepare or you will have to repair.” – John C. Maxwell.
  •  Confidence and enthusiasm begets confidence and enthusiasm.” – Mark Evans. 
  • “The money is in the follow-up.” -Mark Evans. 
  • “It’s not the information, it’s the transformation.” -Mark Evans.

Resources Mentioned:

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