Old Wisdom with New Ideas – Finding Your Way as a Young Insurance Agent

by | October 21, 2015

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In this series, we are discussing “these times of the young agent,” and in this podcast, Jason Cass gives a heartfelt solo on his own experience navigating his way from a budding agent to an agency owner. He goes deep into his own trials starting his own agency, and points out the challenges of balancing “old” wisdom with new ideas.


  1. Anna

    Hi Jason,
    I am an independent agency myself. Few days ago I almost was forced to take on board an assistant. She is wife of one of my client. She is a gold as intellectual-professional quality, but I am absolutely unprepared to pay a salary. I don’t want to lose her, but I am really worried about her pay. I placed her to do calls based on a list I mailed to already. Also explained, that if she gives me daily 3-5 worm leads and I send offer to them, we have chance to make her pay a reality.
    Any suggestions? How to handle the situation? She has potential, and I would like to retain her in my agency, but I am out from my comfort zone, and pretty much in panic. Any suggestions?

  2. Lisa Lemanski

    Fantastic job! It was great to hear you story! Keep up the fantastic work!

    -Lisa Lemanski
    Meiers Lombardini Lemanski Insurance

    • Jason D Cass

      Thanks Lisa…you and the hubby are good people.

      Hope your week rocked and next week is just as good.

  3. MIke Demko

    Good insight Jason. I liked the use of a podcast as well rather than text.

    -Mike Demko

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