What Does a One-Stop Shop Insurance Experience do to Your Agency?

by | December 21, 2016

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An agent-less buying process might seem like a slippery slope but could end up right where your prospects want to be.

It is the earliest of days in the awkward relationship agents are building with Insure-tech startups promising to revolutionize the way insurance is bought and sold.

Are these threats challenging our lively hood or only hoping to advance it?

It’s these pressing questions and more that Jason Cass asks Snejina Zacharia, Founder and CEO of Insurify, about and where she sees her company fitting in.

During this 41 minute conversation Jason and Snejina spar on the role agents and agencies will play in this new future and how companies like Insurify can help usher in lasting change.

Listen to Agents Influence with Jason Cass above…

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