Has your agency paid its staff the same way since 1952? Do most of your employees become complacent once they start making a certain amount of money?

If you haven’t changed the way you reward the work being done for you why should you expect different results?

Today Jason talks with Tom Baker who runs Catalyst Insurance Systems about the need to update your compensation in your agency.

Simply paying an agent based on new and renewal business is the fastest way to cross that complacent finish line.

During this 59 minute episode you’ll learn:

  • The impact of performance based compensation
  • Why you might want to start thinking about talent management software
  • Ignoring the biggest factor for growth.

Everyone is in it for the money. Leaving the most important reason people show up to work untouched can only lead to bigger, less profitable problems in the end.

Learn more about Tom and how his company helps agents solve these exact problems.

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