Sharing is Caring – Part 2 of Billy Van Jura’s Interview

by | August 10, 2014

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If you missed the first half, Jason Cass and Billy Van Jura talked about insurance as a commodity and why that should be seen as your greatest advantage.  They also talked about the types compensation model that works and builds perpetuation in your agency.  In this second half, Billy switches it up and turns to his own questions about social media.  See why your success depends on genuine sharing.  Sharing is caring.

*I have to apologize once again.*  Like Part 1, some parts had software recording quality issues.  In Part 2, this podcast starts off with Billy Van Jura saying “I want to hit you with your social media.”  Billy poses the question of whether or not there is a percentage formula between how many clients you have to how many social likes or followers you should have.

Listen to Jason’s treatment of this question.  They speak in unison and remind us that in 90% of the time, you should create a situation in which people will want to buy while the rest of the 10% can be about your agency, about insurance, or about a sale.

Tune in once again to Billy Van Jura and Jason Cass in yet another rich conversation.  Join the fun!

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