Simply Easier Payments

by | February 19, 2015

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All roads lead to Duke Williams when it comes to payments.  His product is often brought up by industry tech expert, Steve Anderson, and agents all around are eager to find out how this technology can help their agencies save money and run better and easier payment systems for their clients.

Get behind the scenes with a 52-year industry veteran who remains at the forefront of software and technology. His technological expertise and legal background positioned him to lead many “firsts” for the insurance industry including uploading and downloading back and forth between carrier and agency, back in the day when no management systems existed and information was stored in a diskette.

He also had a hand in modifying the Fair Isaac Quotes Scoring Model from banking to insurance and was the cause of credit scores to be factored in automotive underwriting.  -A love and hate for agents!

Agents, know your industry’s history, see how far it has come, and how much further it has got to go.

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