Social Media Marketing Done Right – Part 1 of Ryan Hanley

by | September 10, 2014

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In Part 1 of the interview, Jason Cass brings Ryan Hanley back on, 18 months after his first Agents Influence podcast appearance to discuss social media marketing-done-right by looking into Ryan’s successful progression from insurance agent to top content creator in insurance marketing within the digital space.

Ryan Hanely who’s built his own “Media Lab,” lead his own podcast (“Content Warfare”) and successful YouTube channel, as wells as been part of the Grow Program, has recently joined Trusted Choice to head up its efforts to drive agents towards the same success in marketing.

Ryan reminds listeners that the purpose of social media content isn’t just for fun, nor just to educate, but to sell policy!  Creators of content are those who control the real intention behind the content.  Check out Ryan’s “backdoor” example and how a one-minute video can drive leads.

Stay tuned for Part 2 -to be released on Friday, Sept 12.

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