In today’s episode of Agency Intelligence, host Jason Cass talks with guest Zack Gould, Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Employee Services of G&N Insurance and BobbleOn in the Greater Boston Area. Zack shares the details about the new changes that are taking place with G&N Insurance, the advantages to having partnerships, and why he is never afraid to share what he knows about the insurance industry. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Is Zack Gould an iPhone user or an Android user? 
  • What is Zack Gould’s big announcement at G&N Insurance? 
  • Was it a merger or a sale? 
  • What does the G&N Insurance staff thing about the new changes? 
  • Was this company sell intentional? 
  • Zack talks about his partnership with his partner Matt. 
  • Giving back to your industry makes you more talented.
  • Independent agents need to matter to a select niche. 
  • Some insurance agents want their own agency and love it and some prefer to have the financial freedom to do what they really love. 
  • What does Zack think about setting premium goals?
  • What are the differences between, quoters and floaters and indispensable advisors?
  • What you focus on, you become. 
  • Put footprints on the moon in your own way.   

3 Key Points:

  1. 70-80% of acquisitions fail. 
  2. Zack would rather focus on his strengths which are culture, marketing, and sales. 
  3. Helping your industry sharpens your own skills. 

Key Quotes:

  • “We decided to partner with a much, much larger firm called The Hill Group and they are an insurance group out of Virginia. They are a top 10 growing insurance agency. They have over to $200-300 million under management.” – Zack Gould
  • “We brought on The Hill Group so Matt and I can focus on what we love to do, which is growth. We want to grow.” – Zack Gould
  • “I subscribe to the Mark Cuban theory of, ‘If you open a business with an exit strategy, it is not really a business.’” – Zack Gould 

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