In this episode of Agent’s Influence podcast, Jason Cass has Wessly Anderson as a special co-host. Jason and Wessly interview Nicholas Ayers talk about all things leads, marketing, and the magic of having a process.

Show Notes:

  • The magical story about how Wessly Anderson and Nicholas Ayers met
  • How the Innovation conference is being reinvented
  • Top themes at conferences: Networking and friendships
  • For a minimum viable product, you need a minimum viable process
  • What came first – the big company or the process? The process!
  • Process automation: Don’t get lost and think it is only technology – pick up the phone
  • When others don’t do something, go do it!
  • There is no better way to sell than the phone
  • Marketing is all about copywriting and scripting
  • Sales and Marketing: People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, and help them throw rocks at their enemies
  • When you think of your business bigger than the super bowl, then your business will think big
  • The power of video is real and a great marketing strategy
  • Why we don’t need to be fearful about virtual assistants and video marketing
  • Attack what you are scared of
  • The process is what makes the product

3 Key Points:

  1.    Networking and friendships is one of the most value-adding things about conferences.
  2.     To sell anything, the first step is having a process.
  3.     Videos are one of the best things you can do for your marketing strategy.

Key Quotes:

       “Get outside the box and start thinking.” – Jason Cass

       “If you can generate leads with no process, it is a crappy lead.” – Nicholas Ayers

       “A true marketer knows their first round is got to hurt and sting. It always hurts to grow” – Wessly Anderson.

–     “When others’ don’t do something, go do it!”- Nicholas Ayers

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