In today’s episode of Agents Influence, host Jason Cass interviews Todd Sorrel, Co-Founder of and Seth Nagle the Director of Marketing at The discussion covers the creation of ePayPolicy, how it is servicing the insurance industry, their take on the mobile market, APIs and integrations, and the need for symbiotic data sharing to improve the customer experience. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Jason Cass says that 37 people have already registered for AI Brainshare that is taking place October 25-27th 2020 in Puerto Rico. 
  • Are Todd and Seth iPhone or Android users?
  • Do they love to win or hate to lose? 
  • What has brought them where they are at, skill or luck?  
  • When and how did ePayPolicy get started?   
  • They talk about the insurance industry creating friction for the customer. 
  • What was their first experience at AI Brainshare like? 
  • Jason Cass inviting up to 20 indietech companies and vendors to AI Brainshare 2020. 
  • How is ePayPolicy addressing the mobile market trends?   
  • The marketplace drives what the market needs to provide.  
  • Only 3% of the population prefer paper checks for payments. 
  • Which AMS does Jason feel is trying to make more data sharing moves? 
  • Todd talks about ePayPolicy integrations and the orange partner program.  
  • What books is Todd Sorrel reading?     

3 Key Points:

  1. credit card ACH payments for insurance agents speeds up receivables and bind business quicker for agents.  
  2. When we think about insurance it is about top-line revenue and that is where the commissions are for agents.  
  3. Customers are going to sit on your books to 6-8 years on personal lines on average  

Key Quotes:

  • “ePayPolicy is a company that focuses on the insurance industry only. We don’t work in any other verticals that are out there.” – Todd Sorrel
  • “People are mobile today. They want to make payments mobile. We want to understand what percentage of all of our payments are really coming in mobile. So, we go out there and really live by that and understand it.” – Todd Sorrel
  • “We are not doing our job if cannot share what we are seeing as far as client behaviors and patterns, because all of us coming together and really sharing that, we can get smarter and look forward to the future.” – Todd Sorrel

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