Topic 3: Podcast 4 – Recap and Future

by | May 24, 2013

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This podcast recaps the three podcasts you heard from this month and gives you a peak into what is coming next month.

Topic 3- Technology & Marketing of your agency

  • Ryan Hanley / Brian Appleton / Jason Cass –The Unconnected generation (Click here to listen)
  • Chris Paradiso – Brand your agency through your community (Click here to listen)
  • Chris Bacciocco – ProjectCAP and the online consumer (Click here to listen)

May 28th at 10CST we will be doing a live panel discussion with Ryan Hanley, Chris Paradiso, Brian Appleton, and Jason D Cass. At 10am CST click this link to be directed to the live broadcast.  You will also receive an email 1 hour before it starts with this link again.

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