Training Your Brain for Success in 2016 with Robb Zbierski

by | December 17, 2015

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What goals did you (or did not) accomplish this year? Before you wrap up 2015 and start tallying your goals for 2016, stop what you’re doing and listen to this Mastermind recording with Robb Zbierksi.

We recently had Robb in our Grow Mastermind call and we wanted to share this impactful call with everyone. We featured Robb in our 2014 podcast series, The Summer of The Weird and Amazing where he gave us a teaser on his memory training which helped us to appreciate how the brain works, and how much of our conscious effort we can actually apply to train our brains.

Kick 2016 off right by listening to this podcast where you can gain some fundamental techniques for personal development, effective time management, and goal setting.

You can access Robb’s speaker packet by downloading it from here: Robb Zbierski Speaker Packet

SPECIAL OFFER for Grow: From now until December 31, Robb is offering his 52-week course on personal development. Please click this link to view the full value of this course, offered for only $199.

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