The Truth of Being a Woman in Insurance With a Strong Niche

by | October 12, 2016

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The residue of certain inequalities from generations past can be bleakly palpable.

That statement can be true for many demographics across an infinite numbers of industries. It also becomes alarmingly more depressing each year it to be true.

Expediting the dismissal of “less than” is one action all corners of society will benefit from.

Specifically talking about the skewed composition women face in the insurance industry and underestimation that dominates their business.

That’s just one of a few heavy hitting topics Jason talks about with Erin Nutting, the President of Integrity Insurance and creator of Arizona Wedding Insurance.

Erin also shares her experience creating a trojan horse niche brand that has allowed her to charm her way into owning the whole house.

Getting your foot in the door with your most desired prospects might be easier than you think, you just need to get more specific.

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