Want to Grow Your Business? Try Growth by Acquisition.

by | August 24, 2014

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This Jason Cass interview with Ron Story Jr., is one of the last podcasts in the The Weird and Amazing People series.

Ron Story Jr., entrepreneur and Founder of LeadWarmer encourages growth by acquisition and will get you thinking about your agency as a business, rather than just . . . an agency!  

Most people treat their agency like a job, rather than a business and he challenges listeners to think about what they’re doing to invest in their business.

If you want to grow your business, go buy an agency.  The average age of property casualty agency owners is 59 years old and over making it the perfect time to acquire agencies.

Ron breaks down how his radical ideas of growing an agency can be accessed and achieved.  Check out what he means by the “hot dog stand” mentality and why you should get out of it.

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