In today’s episode of Agents Influence, host Jason Cass interviews Ryan Deeds, Vice President of Technology and Data Management at Assurex Global and the Host of The Digital Broker podcast. Ryan Deeds discusses the importance of account managers and how they will play a much bigger role in insurance agencies, his podcast The Digital Broker, simplicity and saving time, and even the possibility of voting on cell phones. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Jason Cass introduces Ryan Deeds and his invite-only AI Brainshare event. 
  • Authenticity is a driver of good content. 
  • Is Ryan Deeds an iPhone or an Android user? 
  • What is the last app that Ryan downloaded on his phone? 
  • What is VPS? 
  • Does he love to win or does he hate to lose? 
  • What has been the biggest factor in his life, skill or luck?  
  • Ryan Deeds shares his education and career background.
  • How did Ryan start his podcast? 
  • How did Ryan start working with analytics?   
  • Ryan Deeds shares his love of account managers.  
  • What will account manager-centric agencies look like?  
  • Could we see political voting on cell phones in the near future? 
  • Services that offer simplicity and save consumers time are winning.  
  • Video and audio will keep giving data. 
  • The future is relationships.  

3 Key Points:

  1. Symphony software that Jason Cass has invested in allows you to track KPIs (key performance indicators). State Farm uses this as a talent management system. 
  2. Ryan Deeds defines a good dashboard as a mechanism that shows each employee on a daily basis what success looks like. 
  3. 10 years from now Ryan predicts that instead of producers running things at agencies, almost all sales will be done digitally, and producers will be involved in large complex accounts with account managers playing a much bigger role. 

Key Quotes:

  • “Winning is oftentimes an accumulation of a multitude of losses.” – Ryan Deeds
  • “Analytics is a communication mechanism to drive corporate goals down to the individual level.” – Ryan Deeds
  • “I think the future is account manager-centric. I think that is where agencies are going to be as they find scalable sales solutions that reduce the requirement of producers on agencies.” – Ryan Deeds

Resources Mentioned:

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