During this episode of AI your host Jason Cass talks about where he’s been, what he’s been doing and his plans for the podcast going forward.

Show Notes:

  • There have been a lot of changes going on in Jason Cass’s life.
    • He bought an agency and the process was longer than expected.
      • Purchased the agency through an SBA loan.
      • The process has been longer than expected.
      • You go through five layers of underwriting, you have to be pretty clean.
    • Had his agency that went out about a year.
      • Not a big fan of business plans that go out past a year.
      • A business plan only matters until you get punched in the face.
    • Went to the IAOA – Insurance Agency Owners Alliance
      • Run by Dave Jackson and Nicholas Ayers.
      • This is about real change by listening to people who do what you do every day.
      • In January go to IAOA, then Elevate in June, and AI Lab
      • IAOA was a very positive thing for his business.
      • He and his peers sat around as business owners and critiqued each other’s businesses.
        • We use criticism in a negative light and it doesn’t always have to be.
        • Randomly listened to phone calls and critiqued them.
          • Broke down what they did in their office every day.
        • We need to ask ourselves how are we going to make things better for our employees?
          • It all starts internally.
          • You can only get better in business life as much as you gain personally.
          • Billy Williams says that culture runs your office.
        • Why AI?
          • Agency intelligence is what’s going to power you for the future.
          • If you have a lot of flashy marketing and then your physical agency doesn’t reflect that, it seems like you’ve fooled them.
          • If you just do your best and create a customer experience that’s new and tangible, that’s a better experience.
          • If you do the best you can for your business, customers are going to go tell everyone about you.
            • You’ll start to get referral-based business with a higher closing ration.
          • You need to have videos and blogs, but you need to focus on agency intelligence.
          • Why are we still talking about the customer experience?
            • The industry is way behind.
          • Going forward there will be two separate podcasts:
            • Agency Intelligence
              • A regular podcast
              • Focused on the nitty gritty.
              • Doing this to lay a foundation of importance for agency intelligence and creating a great customer experience.
            • Agents Influence Conversations with Jason Cass
              • Conversations with influencers and thought leaders.
              • Will still exist but will be less frequent.
            • If you don’t create a great customer experience you won’t be making as much as those who do.
              • Videos, blogs, and Facebook are important, but you need agency intelligence for success.
            • Go to and check out the mastermind tab if you’re interested in being a member.

Tweetable Quotes

  • Business owners run their agency like a business, agency owners run their agency like a business.
  • Have a client experience that separates you.
  • The business that stays is the business that pays.

Resources Mentioned

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